So you have decided to add a cat to your family. Congratulations. That is awesome. Now you need to work out what kind of cat is going to be right for you.

Pedigree cats come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right one for you can be a lot of fun. Start by checking out some online resources like this site and see what cats catch your eye. What ones do you like the look of? Then read about their personality traits. Do they fit into what you want in a cat?

Then visit a local cat show and work out the right breed for you. Often you will find great breeders here that can give you some idea of who is the best breeders are for a particular breed. Recommendations is a great place to start.

See if the local cat associations have a cattery licence or accreditation program. This is a program that means their cattery has been checked out and has had to jump through some hoops. Doesn’t mean that other breeders are not as good as them, but it does demonstrate a dedication to doing the right thing for their cats.

Showing cats is a great way to ensure that your breeder is reputable. It means that their cats are on show regularly and you can talk with them in a public space without having to commit to buying from them. One sign of a good breeder is to get into a discussion of how he or she works to improve upon the breed, rather than the bragging just of the wins. Find out what they love about the breed. You will see it from talking with them if they are in it for the love or the money. Of course the wins shows that the breeder understands what makes a great example of their breed.

What to look out for as the red flags:

  • Sells several different breeds of cats.
  • No grand champions in the breeding stock.
  • Sells undesexed kittens.
  • Low prices for pedigree kittens.
  • Sells without a contract.
  • Advertises cross breeds (there is no such thing in cat pedigrees)

Not all breeders will invite you to their cattery, but most are happy to show off their facilities. They should have a good website with images of their housing of their stud cats and their cat containment areas. The cattery, water, bedding and litter trays should be reasonably clean. The cats should be in good heath with no watering eyes or sneezing.

And finally, remember that breeders will be interviewing you to see if you are a good fit for their precious babies. This is and should be normal. The best will have a waiting list so be prepared to have to wait for the right furr baby for you. Just because you can afford a pedigree kitten doesn’t mean that you are the right person for that breed so expect lots of questions back from your potential breeder.


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