What if you find a cat?

We always want to help cats that come into our lives but if you find a cat in your yard and you don’t know if it has an owner, consider using a paper collar to send a message to the owners. Download this template if you need one. Or if you can catch or trap it, then get it scanned for a microchip and contact the owners. It might be a stray that is looking for home, it might be a semi owned or unowned cat and if that is the case you need to decide if you will take the cat on as your own, or if you can rehome it. You can see if your local area has a trap neuter release program if the cat is not neutered. All cats deserve a special place to call home. If everyone helped just one cat out there on the streets, we could make a big difference in controlling the population and make the world a better place for them all.

Don’t give up.

If you have moved to a new house, or if your inside cat has escaped, it is probably still very close to the exit point. Do not be fooled by its silence and reluctance to respond to you. Your cat might be able to hear you, but probably will not respond if it is scared. They are surprisingly silent when out in the unknown. Do not give up on your cat. It takes an average of 2-4 weeks to find them, and it all depends on your persistence. Your cat is waiting for you to find it.

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