I recently did an interview with Ron from thepetcalmer.com about PetTunes. It was really interesting to get to understand how cats hear and respond to sound. We were talking after the interview and Ron was telling me about this mother cat and her kittens who were experiencing a stressful birthing process.

The veterinarian monitoring the birth allowed a Pet Tunes Feline be placed nearby playing special cat music.

Mother cat calmed down within minutes and the kittens were able to enter this world more easily and in good condition.

The reason the birth went from stressful to calm was due to the mother cat naturally relaxing allowing nature do its thing.


We have found the same with using this product. I was surprised at just how quickly it works and what a difference it makes. I only share what i find works and is a great product. I also love the science behind why it works.


You can contact Ron Pia, Founder of thePetCalmer Here and email him on pets@thepetcalmer.com Mob. +61 (0)439 068 878

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