Join Me on my crusade to make the world a better place for cats.

Melissa Neumann is on a crusade to make the world a better place for all cats.
She educates about and inspires responsible cat ownership.

If we can focus on giving cats a good life, understanding their needs, quelling myths about them and ensuring they are well cared for then the world will simply be a better place to live.

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Everyone has the best cat

No matter how you came to have a cat in your life, you have the very best one. Doesn’t matter what breed you have, or how that cat became part of your family, it is without doubt that they are the very best cat ever. We have a house full of cats and every single one of them is the best cat and my favourite.

Lets solve problems!

No Judgement, No Blame, Just solutions:

Life can throw us tough times sometimes and it’s easy to have the best of intentions but the worst of outcomes. I’m not interested in blaming people because they are not doing the best by their cats, I’m hoping that I can inspire and educate. This is a no pitchfork zone. However you will often find me standing on my soap box.

Desex and microchip

There is no reason in todays world for you to have a litter of kittens unless you’re a responsible breeder. Don’t worry, domestic cats will always be around. There is such a large number of domestic kittens and cats dumped every year that the domestic breed becoming a endangered species is a long way off.

Keep Them Safe

Cats must be kept on your property. It’s a very unsafe world out there for cats. They are curious beings and get into all sorts of trouble. Lets create safe environments where they can be entertained and well cared for. Im talking about city cats here. We still have one cat that is free roaming. He is 15yrs old and is always either at the front or back door. He is the last of our cats that were allowed to roam so we still allow him this freedom. But I don’t like it. He is inside more than outdoors these days and he has a curfew. Cats are quick so there will always be times were they might escape and go on an adventure. Refer to value number 1 for my answer to this on.

Don’t Declaw

I cant believe that this barbaric practice is still happening in countries outside of Australia. If you don’t like cats clawing your stuff, then you are not the right person to be having a cat! I am proud to live in a country that can see that this is simply not on!!

What's new on the blog

Music Sooths

Music Sooths

I recently did an interview with Ron from about PetTunes. It was really interesting to get to understand how cats hear and respond to sound. We were talking after the interview and Ron was telling me about this mother cat and her kittens who were...

What I stand for.

What I stand for.

hy am I the Cat Mumma:Because I have strong opinions on how we should look after and watch over all our feline freinds. Here is what is important to me! No judgement, no blame, just solutions: Life can throw us tough times sometimes and it’s easy to have the best of...

Pedigree vs Rescue

What a wonderfully generous thing to bring a rescue cat into your home. But is it the best thing for you and for them? Would researching the right pedigree cat for your situation be a better option?

Keeping your furbaby safe

It’s a scary big world out there for cats. How can we keep them contained and safe and also keep them entertained and give them a great life?

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