With all the cats that need a rescue home, why do we still have pedigree cats? There is so much shame put on people who choose to have a pedigree cat and its just silly. The anthem of “adopt don’t shop” is becoming a catch phrase that I just don’t agree with.

I do agree that there are cat farms out there that are just producing animals for profit and I don’t believe that pet shops should be selling cats and kittens. Not that long ago I saw a birmilla x ragdoll for sale in a pet shop. I’m sorry but you cant have a crossbreed cat breeds for starters. More often than not these “pedigree” cats sold in pet shops are sold under false pretences and don’t come with pedigree papers and sometimes are not desexed.

But before we get on to the pedigree discussion lets talk a bit about rescues. If you want a cat then it’s a great thing to rescue a cat or kitten. If you are going to go down this path consider rescuing an older cat as these guys have a much harder time of finding their forever home. But find the right pet for you. For instance, if you have a loud household with little kids then don’t adopt a scaredy cat that has been through a hard time and needs lots of quite space to get to know you and your family. Or if you are an older person, don’t get an overly overt kitten that will need lots of attention and cleaning up after.

While we are on the subject of rescues, a big shout out to all those amazing individuals that spend their nights and weekends transporting and collecting cats from all sorts of dire conditions and coordinate foster families, and so on. Your efforts are truly commendable. The enegry that you put into saving the lives of these unwanted furr people is just heroic in my book.

Getting a rescue is a wonderfully generous thing to do. You are giving a cat that didn’t have a home a place to be loved and safe and that is awesome. The down side is that you never know what kind of personality a rescue might be. Nor do you know what kind of life they had before coming into your care. But why are there so many rescues? Its because humans who have a cat but cannot afford to get it desexed (or cant be bothered or think its a mean thing to do to a cat) allow their cat to roam and breed. And I say this without judgement. We have a cat that got out of the house at 4 months of age and got “serviced” by the local Tom. We still have her and 2 of her kittens as part of our family and found homes for her other 3 kittens before getting her desexed. She is now over 10yrs old and back then you could not have a kitten desexed before 6 months old. It happens. Cats are breeding machines. But all the more reason to ensure they are contained and desexed as soon as possible.

So lets talk about Breeders. When looking at pedigree pets its important that you decide on the breed and do your homework. We breed Abyssinian and Somali cats. My pet peeve is when someone says that breeders should stop breeding because the shelters and rescues are full. Cat breeders spend hours ensuring bloodlines and linage. They look for cats to breed that stick to a standard and have the right personality traits. They spend weekends showing their cats and competing for the best of breed awards. Only the best specimens of the breed are kept for breeding purposes. They spend on genetic testing and medical testing to ensure no genetic abnormalities or ongoing medical issues are in their lines. Before a litter is conceived thousands of dollars has been spent on ensuring the king and queen are top cats. Breeders are like midwives at the birth of a litter ensuring that each kitten is healthy, feeding and thriving. Breeders will have you sign a contract and all will include a clause that if for any reason the family can no longer keep the cat, it can be returned to the breeder for rehoming. By the time you purchase a kitten from a breeder, the price will never come close to the amount of time, hours and money invested into the kitten. Breeders are breeders because they want to ensure the integrity of their breed and continue to keep the breed strong and healthy. Even if every single one of them stopped breeding, there would still be a problem with dumped kittens. Many breeders donate their time and money to helping the rescue of those that need it. They often foster rescues and have rescues as part of the family. Like all things in life, some breeders are better than others and there is an entire blog post here that you can find out more about what to look for in a responsible breeder.

So why should you buy a pedigree over a rescue? Probably the most obvious is that you will know what you are getting. Different breeds will suit different people and different situations. Just like if you are looking for a pedigree dog, with cats, you are looking at not just what the cat looks like but the personality traits that will suit your lifestyle. With pedigrees you will also know what medical issues you might have to look out for as well.

And I hate to say it, but if you are going to spend a few thousand dollars on a pedigree cat, your going to look after it a little better than if a friend gives you a kitten that cost you $0. Its awful that we have to put a price on a life to make it valuable and ensure that it is looked after well but I think that will need its own blog post.

Tell me what you think about this topic! Do you agree with me or do you have a different take on things? Comment below and let me know.

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