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About The Cat Show.

The Cat Show Podcast is about how we can make the world a better place for cats. My goal is to educate and entertain cat lovers around the world. Give them information about cats that they didn’t know. Inspire them to be great Cat Mummas and Cat Dads.

Everything from finding the right cat for you to the politics around how to control cat numbers will be talked about. There is no topic that is taboo.

If you want to be involved in the decisions around what content is on the show, you can apply to be a guest or you can join our cat mumma community where ideas for upcoming episodes are floated. Click here to find out how that works.

Melissa Neumann

Melissa Neumann


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Sesson 2

Episode 26:

Landing October 2022


Sesson 1

Episode 25:

How to find a lost cat!

OH NO! Your cat got out and now you are beside youself, freaking out! Take a deep breath and calm down and listen to what you can do!

How to find a lost cat!



Episode 24:

Breed Profile – Maine Coon 

Kyra Foster joins me to talk about the big cat of the domestic cat world – the Maine Coon. Also known as the Gentle Giant!

United Maine Coon Fanciers of Australia 

Episode 23:

Breed Profile – Burmese

Barbara LaRocca joins me to talk all about the Burmese breed of cat. She has been breeding these guys for decades and fills us in on who is the right cat guardian for these grumy faced adorable silky coated furbabies.

We talk about Cat Tunes in this episode, find out more about that at PetTunes by the Pet Calmer 

Episode 22:

Don’t Get Scammed!

Margy Wright joins me to talk about how kitten scammers suck people in and what to look for to make sure you dont get caught out by one.

Episode 21:

Episode 21: Eye Envy! What is it and why is it needed? for more info about the product.

Episode 20:

Everyday Heroes: The story of Joseph and Scruffy.

Check out the blog post and some photos of Scruffy here.

Episode 19: Baby Talk with Rhiannon Grundwald

Rhiannon talked about bassinet and crib covers in this episode. Look for ones that are sturdy, allow air flow, and easy to clean.

Episode 18: Cat Facts: The Origin Edition

Lots of great facts in this episode but here is a link to info about Matthew Flinders cat Trim 

Episode 17: Charlie, the Nepalese Street Cat

Episode 15: Murder Mitten Management

Cats have claws, that’s just how they are. Those little murder mittens can cause some damage so today we are going to investigate what we can do to ensure they keep their claws in good working order, but don’t tear up our house or our skin. #pawsneedclaws

Episode 14: Pussweek publications with Bexy McFly

I was given a fantastic mothersday present, pussweek a cats guide to feline empowerment. It’s a great publication by Bexy mcfly and in this podcast we talk about pussweek, a magazine and book for cats by cats.

Episode 13: Animal Communicator Angele joins me

There are things out there in the universe that we don’t know about or understand and it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, it just means that we don’t understand how it works. I like to keep on open mind and open heart to anything that I don’t understand because you never know what you might learn. This interview really made me think about how we connect on a different level with our pets.

Angeles Facebook Page

Episode 12:  Where to put your outside CatPad

Jenny from joins me to talk about how to find the perfect part of your house to convert into a safe outside play area for your cats. To see examples of the end of this interview go to:


Episode 10: The Wonderful World of Cat Exploring

Hasara from the Cat Explorer website is joining me today to find out how she got into cat exploring and how and why she and her husband created the cat exploring community.

Link to Cat Explorer Website

Link to Cat Explorer Facebook Community


Episode 9: OzPet Litter is a product that is eco friendly and made in rural Australia.

Link to OzPet Website

Link to OzPet Facebook Page

Episode 8: Neutering Cat, The myths and the truths and what you need to know.

Click here for more information

Episode 7: Bronwyn Main Interview.

Hamilton Cat Club Inc. 

Episode 6: How cats make us be healthy. Link to a heap of the scientific articles that  I talk about in this podcast.

Episode 5: The musical way to relax cats

PetTunes by the Pet Calmer 

Facebook group You will find the video CatChats here.Sometimes they are live and sometimes recorded interviews.

Episode 4: Scardycats and how to help them. The marble jar story. This is a fantastic book. she has a number of books that are fantastic and a great podcast.

PetTunes by the Pet Calmer  We talk to Ron from the Pet Calmer in Episode 5


Young Living link to article about animal essentail oils just for cats:

Episode 3: Cat EnvironmentsCat Pads

Jenny from Cat Pad Enclosures can be found at


Episode 1 & 2: Becoming a Cat Mumma Free download.

There is a great free becoming a cat mumma guide: Get this Free guide here. Its the one in the Red Box! 

Once you find a cat you like the look of, make sure again that they suit your lifestyle. A good resource for this is and I particularly like


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